When patients face setbacks caused by injury, illness or accidents, we believe that the power to overcome these challenges lies within each individual. It is our goal to tap into this inner-strength to transform despair into hope, turn loss into triumph, and help our patients to live their lives to their maximum potential and to improve their quality of life.

morehill vision

To be the leader and the preferred choice in Physical Rehabilitation Care to all patients.

morehill mission

The mission of Morehill Clinic is to promote the health and well-being of our patients. We will provide accessible high quality Physical Rehabilitation Care. Morehill Clinic is committed to providing innovative, compassionate and family centered care for our patients. We will exceed expectation in Service Excellence!

morehill values


Excellence in Service will make us the leaders in our industry.


We monitor staff competencies and provide ongoing training to ensure quality care.


We server all patients, family and staff with dignity.


We assure our mission by remaining leaders in our industry.


We will work with the community to fulfil the Department of Health’s vision: Equal Health for All.