Current literature indicates that one in four patients admitted to hospital are malnourished and a further 50% of all patients are at risk of becoming malnourished during hospitalisation. Poor nutritional status is linked to delayed wound healing and recovery, increased infection rates and increased readmission rates and increased length of hospital stay. Therefore, an optimal nutritional status is an essential component of successful rehabilitation and recovery.


As result of previous prolonged hospitalisation and sub-optimal nutritional intake coupled with increased nutritional requirements, patients admitted to our facility are most often already present with disease related malnutrition. On admission to Morehill Clinic, the dietitian screens all patients for malnutrition. If a patient is found to be at risk of malnutrition or already malnourished, aggressive nutritional support is initiated to improve patient’s nutritional status as well as outcomes. The dietitian monitors the progress of patients throughout their stay and also provides discharge dietary guidelines if necessary.

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